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Getting Back On Track

There are some really thoughtful views on this thread. However, I wanted to keep these replies very, very simple. Perhaps it was the way I worded the original question, in that case, I apologize.

I'm looking for some yes/no answers and am getting essays (good ones and thought provoking, but still essays).

I'm trying to take an impromptu survey, not argue about the spirituality of Aikido.

Here is the question: "What traditional Japanese spiritual practices do you do or have done, that were introduced to you through Aikido?"

Now if you want to berate me about my lack of understanding of Judeo/Christian values vs. Eastern/Shinto practices - go ahead. If you can also explain the Secrets of the Universe through Aikido technique, then by all means - please do so. However, I would also appreciate it if you answer the above question in your reply.

Let me thank you in advance and thanks for your interest and replies.

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