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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

I didnt notice if the OP posted again, and some of the posts I did gloss over, but to be fair OP did not ask if its OK to be high at the dojo while training. The question is specifically "should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey".

If forced to estimate, I would say my Aikido jouney is around 5% in the dojo. I have some expereience with this from the past and although I am who I am since I've been who I've been, I can say quite certainly THC is NOT required for enlightenment. Another thing I can say for sure is that the more you think you need it (or any substance) the more you should avoid it.

To use a metaphor: Wine is not bad in itself, and some claim it can be healthy, but an alcoholic should avoid it at all costs.
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