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Re: NOTE: Read Post Slowly - S-l-o-w-ly - or high dudgeon, mistakenly will explode

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So, all I'm saying is that the more I look, the more traces - or presence - of internal training I find in almost every ryu. BUT - the more I question people, the more I find that they really WERE much better in the old days, because - as I mentioned in my book - otherwise, Takeda and later Ueshiba would not have been such astonishments. What I hear all too often is: "there were giants in those days.

The more I lean about this stuff, the more discouraged I get about the future.

It seems that Tekeda and Ueshiba were among a very small group of fanatics who practiced, tested, and refined incessantly and obsessively -- and that's the secret to becoming as good as they were.

It almost doesn't seem to matter how one learns or discovers the internal skills. In fact, it almost seems like the IS stuff is a natural outgrowth of the obsessive practice and quest for skill that drove these elite martial artists. AND those guys were outliers in their own time and culture.

Oh well.

-Drew Ames
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