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Re: Off the Mat Aikido

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I trashed a car while J walking once, the whirlwind effect from my turning was so severe, it made the weather charts.

does this count?
Ha. That's nothing. Why, since I started studying aikido, I realized that I've been using aikido movements all my life! I was even training in the womb! All of my life is aikido. Some of you say that your every moment is a training opportunity and every movement is a training movement -- hah! I get up at 3 in the morning, half an hour before I go to bed, and all day long, even the movements that I don't make are aikido movements! I make my coffee with iriimi! I rake the lawn with tenkan! And when I poop, I poop from my center!!!!!

More aiki than thou, so you might as well give up right now,
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