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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 15

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Hello Peter
I believe my interests/concerns were not so course, but rather more specific. I don't see "salesmanship" as relevant in any way as I was hoping for evidence from sources OTHER than them. My concerns/interests are meant to defy or negate the ability for them to personally "sell" me at all.
To use your model...I was looking for an actual vehicle that ran, could be driven and vetted to be trustworthy. Last I knew, people actually got out and independently tested vehicles, and even researched them to avoid the salesmen!

Who? Where? What? Why? and When? ....seems to me to be decent journalistic rules of the road, all meant to negate editorial, hype and "salesmanship."
I was looking for evidence of men with power who gave training to Ueshiba (outside of DR) were actually known for it.
I'm still waiting......
Hello Dan,

I did not mention salesmanship in my post, nor hype. I asked simply whether you would be convinced by whatever arguments they used to persuade you to buy the car (Takeda, Sagawa and Ueshiba might not give any arguments at all; Deguchi might give many) and it is taken for granted that there is actually a car to be sold. In all four cases, I presume you would get in the car and test drive it, check the previous owner's history etc etc. The point about the Fast Show skits is that they never, ever sell a car.

Best wishes,


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