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Ki Symbol Spirituality

Maybe we are somewhat pampered in our dojo, as we have a good cross section of instructors: some emphasize the spiritual side of the Art, while others emphasize the physical- technical, and each student matches and mixes according to what he/she feels they need.

Ultimately, as Iīve said before, our Art is what WE put into it. One must not passively receive what our instructors teach us, but we must look beyond and find the things OīSensei originally attained, through our OWN perceptions. IMHO, THIS is the secret to the myriad facest of AIKI and Aikido

Furthermore, one must not confuse the spiritual practices of Aikido with empty ritualism. Itīs not the same to understand what is sought in Misogi or Tori-Fune, Kokyu-ho exercises or whatever, and actively reach that goal, as opposed to just "going through" these exercises for their own sake. This is a very real danger, as repeated practice of an exercise can become ritual, and not a "stretching and strenghthening" of oneīs knowledge, ki, technique and spirit.

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