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We are all different, but for what it is worth, I've survived an abusive marriage, and I had no problems being in a mixed class from the beginning. OTOH, my first dojo was a very warm and supportive one, that emphasized caring for each other at all times. And I will admit, off the mat I really only felt comfortable at first talking to the other women.

Where I see a POSSIBLE need for women's classes is in dojos where a lot of students 'teach' their partners. I have only seen one female beginner tell others 'how' to do techniques, but I can no longer keep count of the many male beginners I've seen do this, often to female partners, and some men do this in their very first Aikido class. I guess many males assume a few extra inches of urethra makes them MA experts as a birthright. Anyway, this was not a problem for me in my first dojo, as 'mat instruction' was against the rules, but I've seen it confuse, frustrate and possibly even chase away other women in other dojos. Some time in a women-only class could help them learn the basics without some bozo with a birthright teaching them incorrect things. But if the real instructors were on their toes, and kept that from happening in the mixed classes, I don't think women need a separate class.
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