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Re: Physical Tension - Another Thought

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Oh, no.... I encourage thinking out loud. Please carry on. However, I have to say that some of this thinking out loud reminds me of people who are analysing the composition of rubber in an effort to determine how conveyor-belts work. I have nothing against it; I just wonder why it's considered a fruitful endeavor.


Of course using natural rubber versus vulcanized rubber can make quite a difference in the performance/longevity of the conveyor belt ... this does not really help explain how a conveyor belt works. Helps quite a bit if trying to build a better one.

There are two essentially unrelated things to consider 1) how to do a thing 2) why does it work - it is best not to confuse the two (I am guilty on many occasions of not following my own advice). Using the breath as a gateway to distributing the force/tension is great (I'm sure there are other ways as well). Don't really need to know about fascia or action potentials to make progress. Unless such knowledge brings significant expository power to bear best leave it alone as the risk of confusion is greatly enhanced.

There a great many who can do and there are quite a few who can teach how to do and very few that can explain why. This proves 'why' is not really so critical in learning the 'how'. I am naturally inclined to jump to the 'why' and am thus easily confused.

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