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Re: Why do you train in aikido

I do Aikido for many ressons. I strted trying abut a year ago and will right now it is a litte off, I found I am almost addicted to it. Frist time I walked in the dojo, it was with the ceriusty of how to defend your self and to posably work on my spaceal issuses. I relly did not expecet to fall in love with it or to find that even on a bad day I want to go to class. I have posted on my blogs that I do not if it is the people at my dojo or the art its self. I found that conncent more to the aikido peoplethen others, I also feel like it is a safe place. Everyone is held to same sndarders whether you are 5 or 100. While yes some cant do some things no one judges anyone, they just work with them. Yes it seems to me to teach you to almost not think and just go with it. That is to say just flow together to end up at your gole. I am one whom needs to conncet to other people even a litte and I was missing this in my life and for me I fond it in aikido. I also do it for the veary simple ressons that I have no life besides school and this provides me with 3 days a week to intact with some other people and get some exercise that I so desperly need.

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