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Re: Should I Fold My Sensei's Hakama?

Michael Hackett wrote: View Post
I suppose that ironing a work shirt has many of the same qualities that my friend, Rafael, talked about. In our conversations he's mentioned that taking one's time to carefully align the pleats, smooth and clean the fabric, and to fold the hakama smoothly requires attention to detail, focus and precision. He's the same guy who always inspects his weapons for cracks and splinters before every practice too. His waza and ukemi are much the same, precise and focused.
Everybody's different I guess. Normally when I train I try to be focused and precise regardless if I fold my hakama or not. Its kinda of like checking your car tyres before one drives, I dont do that either although Im sure its good practice too but it doesnt mean I lack focus when I drive. Thats just to type of person I am, perhaps a little unprepared that is all

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