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Re: Video definitions, "Aiki" and other terms.

Thanks Josh.

I can see we are going to need a thread defining "Ju" as well. There seems to be the decided opinion of an aiki camp, that jujutsu is simply all that stuff we do that is easily explainable.

I consistently see the word jujutsu used whenever something is perceived as simple or less important (i.e. angle, timing, leverage etc).

"Ju" is another principle, different then "Aiki". "Ju" has to do with yielding to force. While angle, timing, leverage and all of these other components are a part of jujutsu, they are also components in Aikido, Aikijujutsu, Aikijutsu, and most martial art systems (that I know of). These concepts shouldn't be relegated to a heap of stuff we call "simple" . Further we should give the respect to Jujutsu that we give to the Aiki related arts. Different but equal.

While "Aiki" as I understand it, is my main focus. I still use and appreciate the principle of "Ju". Further to think that things like angle, leverage etc. are not important to Aikido, is to ignore the forms. Aikido forms consistently use angle, leverage and many other "simple" concepts.