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Re: Video definitions, "Aiki" and other terms.

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is it important that there is 'no' muscle tension, or rather that it is perfectly balanced and (mutually) supported? And..moreover...that there is 'no local' firing...but rather an 'open' 'distributed' strength?

how does power build/accrue if there is no tension? What happens when you need strength now?
Not sure how to answer that for you other than to just tell you how I imagine it, which is to mentally focus on absolutely no muscle tension anywhere (other that the small amount to maintain stability) while my mental image is of pushing my bones out in a spiral motion pulling on and twisting my ligaments and tendons as I extend out. I believe that will also be pulling and twisting on the attached muscles as well, but I try not to think of that so I will not have a tendency to tense those muscles up. Again, MO and not an authoritative statement on anything.