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Re: Developing courage

Freezing is something Ive been working to overcome for the past year. Each new attack has to be dealt with again. First jsut the grab, then shomen then yokomen and now currently tski. The only thing that I have found to really help me learn to keep from dissasociating and locking up is to have my partners continue to attack me over and over until I am finally able to try to move, then continue until I can move freely. It takes hundreds of reps but slowly it is working.

A lot also depends on what has led the person to this sort of reaction.

I would not say, at least for myself, that it is so much lack of courage or lack of focus as the focus is in the wrong place and past experience has trained me that if I freeze and disassociate that things will be less bad. Some attackers are far worse if you fight back and are not skilled in doing so, and some can be completely nullified by the impression that their threats do not faze their victims.

Ive also noticed that if I get myself in the mental set that the weapon is real and the attacker is convincing that I have less likely hood of locking up and disassociating than if the attack is unconvincing. So I generally ask my ukes to give me more intent if they are not being agressive enough.

However now I am learning things I can do to deal with attacks proactively which are far more beneficial but I still have to overcome years of prior programing.

It also helps to have teachers who are aware of your background and can help you when you really get overwhelmed. Encouragement, understanding and support go a long way when these things arise.

This is just what works well for me. Not saying that it would be the best way for everyone to handle this.

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