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Re: Video definitions, "Aiki" and other terms.

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Wow...What a great post...Dan I'll make no bones about it here...I am not interested in making my "fighting technique" better...Let's face it... I will be 50 this year and I practice Aikido for other reasons which is the reason I am interested in your form of IMA

What I want to know is what health and "spiritual" ( I know a very loaded word in Aikido) benefits does your IMA hold for someone like me...An average run of the mill regular dude...Don't get me wrong I can still mix it up and practice hard but I am interested in the benefits of Solo Training for Health outside of the Dojo where the mustard meets the hotdog...

The fact it may partially turn me into some sort of super duper Aiki man is beside the point and meaningless to me.

I will be back in MASS sometime this summer hopefully.

William Hazen
Hello William
I agree. I wouldn't cross the street for another jujutsu technique. I always said we would get along in person.
I have a meeting to get to. I'll answer you later tonight