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Grr! Developing courage

Hello all

It seems to me that having all the martial prowess in the world will not matter if in the critical moment, you freeze up.

After reading the comments of those with military experience on the forums and speaking to people face-to-face who have been exposed to violence (my brother being one of them) it appears the crucial factor comes down to the mental rather than the physical strength a person has (oh, and a lot of luck).

I can see this in some of the people I have trained with at my club. It is a subtle 'hardness' in their character. They can be very nice people but they are under no illusion about what would be required in a life-threatening situation. Others are internally 'softer'. I sense hesitation and self-doubt in these people. I'm not just talking about beginners either.

My question to you all is this...what training can be used to get over the psychological barriers that are placed on a person in a moment of crisis.
Oh, if this has been discussed before, please direct me to the appropriate link and continue with the usual broadcast


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