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Re: Video definitions, "Aiki" and other terms.

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
One of the things I've watched for many years is how the legends and theories have grown unchecked. The whole "fascia" thing has developed a life of its own, once the term "fascia" made its way into the jargon back in the mid-1990's (and yeah, I've listened to various people swear that they came into it based on their own brilliant understanding). My suggestion is that people stop theorizing about how "fascia" plays a role in these things until they get a better idea. These posts are archived, after all.

The schematics and freeze-dried photos of fascia have absolutely nothing to do with the conversation. Fascia having its own motile functions has very little to do with it, also. Instead of theorizing because there's a keyboard handy, maybe it's better to spend some time finding info and practicing.

Cutting to the chase... most of the fascia discussions are simply off-center, as Rob is gently trying to point out.


Mike Sigman
Wow, did not expect my fascia comment to explode into such a detailed conversation. My point was simply that fascia is a component that helps distribute the load and not that it was the lone bearer of it, and I do not think that a single energy 'pipe' is established in it. How all that works is well above my pay grade

My network analogy was simply an attempt to show that incoming energy does not have to be channeled in a single linear manner - maybe it was not such a good analogy for aiki after