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Re: Video definitions, "Aiki" and other terms.

William Hazen wrote: View Post
Correct and in my brief experience with him he definitely had Aiki.

William Hazen
Yup, that is the late Kobayashi-sensei. He split from Tohei and started Seidokan in 1981 fwiw. As a matter of fact we were doing a variation of that ki test in our advanced class at HQ last Friday night. With beginners they get light pressure to help teach them that the point isn't pushing back. It is about structure, but also learning to control the incoming energy internally. We go from 2 feet on the ground to one in the air with the partner giving constant and ultimately very strong force. There are lots of tests like this and they're all about training the body, intent, etc. It's not *just* structure. And it's not *just* suggestion. It's learning to use the body "correctly" to absorb and direct things where you want them to go.

I'll print out the photo and show it to his family this weekend and see if anyone remembers when it was taken, etc. Just fwiw.