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Re: Video definitions, "Aiki" and other terms.

David Yap wrote: View Post
My experience with most "my way or the highway" sensei is that they don't practise the 'aiki' of Aikido let alone understand the concept. Some even practise taichi on the side. They are dependant on leverage, muscle power and physical atemi to make their waza work. Even with 25 years or more years training (or should I say instructing) on the mats, they can't even internalize their aikido but their aiki-do is still legitimate thanks to Steven Seagal's movies.
Nice post, David, and I'm glad people are beginning to get past the "aiki-diplomacy" and into the real world. I think it gets worse than that, personally.

I've seen people come to a workshop, be able to show absolutely nothing of any reals skills, but they're totally convinced that they "already know this stuff and their students assure them that they do"... the point being that they can't even clinically evaluate their own skills so the idea that they "teach" is an obscene joke upon their "students". "Students" being synonymous with "gulls" or fellow "seekers of fantasy". There's something wrong with the whole scenario, but it gets even worse when these guys claim "spirituality" and "namaste" and the rest of the spiel. Not to mention that you can't bring up the problem of "students" getting misled without violating the tenets of "aiki-speak" or psycho-babble.

I think Tohei actually did a pretty good job... he tried to set up "tests" that at least allowed people to have measurable standards. He could have done even better if he'd been firmer in his resolve and wasn't so beholden to the idea of setting up a 'school' of sorts.

To cut to the chase, I encourage people to speak bluntly but factually. Criticize, but be able to point to facts about the issues, not just comments about the messenger you don't like.


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