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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

Jeremy Raven wrote: View Post
Really do you care to explain which ones you disagree with?
Sorry, I seem to have deleted a bit of my post. I would argue the effects you listed, apart from that of smoking on the lungs, are not always true. Not all people get sleepy, the munchies, etc. As such, they're not absolutely true.

I dont believe Bob Marley considered himself a spiritual leader at all, he considered himself a singer/writer of music who followed Rasterfarinanism and worshipped Haile Selassie...Personally I dont think Marijuana has anything to do with the "Study" of Aikido or the "journey" as the OP has put it. if O'Sensei didnt smoke it, and I can can assume he didnt, then why should I have the need too?
I didn't say he considered himself a spiritual leader though. I meant to draw a correlation between his spirituality and those who might look to him as an exemplar of I know many people to do. I believe the fact that his spirituality was expressed partly through marijuana is the pertinent part relating to the thread. So what if another Rastafarian happens to practice Aikido? Should he or she quit their normal spiritual practices? Now dropping codefied religions altogether, should someone else who happens to find a spiritual marijuana experience quit that practice?
Perhaps that's the best way to frame what I'm trying to allow for in my convoluted rambling.

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