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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
I don't think you're exactly correct here
Really do you care to explain which ones you disagree with?

Well in my case, mostly a few thousand pages of poetry and prose along with some other works; not particularly well organized...and, actually, a surprising number of fun memories. It wasn't the pot that made it fun, to be clear, but it was there as part of the overall effect. What do you suppose Noah "got" from drinking wine?
I suppose he got a sore head in the morning.

Well, to begin with, I think many folks would disagree about "Bob" not being a spiritual leader. Rastafarianism is not a joke to a devout rastafarian and Bob had a lot to say about his view of the world....the point of which being that for some, it seems to be a perfectly valid form of spirituality.
I dont believe Bob Marley considered himself a spiritual leader at all, he considered himself a singer/writer of music who followed Rasterfarinanism and worshipped Haile Selassie.

I believe sober meditation to be a more profound activity, though.
Perhaps that is my point.

it is not for me to determine whether or not pot would be appropriate for someone else.
Im not here to judge anybody, I am just raising some questions.

So, in your opinion, how does this all tie into Aikido? Or, more to the point, into some hypothetical study of Aikido?
You asking me this question? Personally I dont think Marijuana has anything to do with the "Study" of Aikido or the "journey" as the OP has put it. if O'Sensei didnt smoke it, and I can can assume he didnt, then why should I have the need too?

Smile, it can be infectious.
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