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Deb Fisher
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One of the reasons this is a great forum is the frequent contributions by Ledyard, Clark, Goldsbury, et al, and it makes sense to condense that knowledge. I'll be an avid reader of the new forum, but I wonder if it would be less 'elitist' if it functioned more like the polls and articles forum. What if there was a link at the end of a VOE thread to a separate forum where all the aikido-obsessed and bored-at-work 5th and 6th kyu like myself, who are long on opinions and shortish on knowledge, could discuss the VOE thread amongst our ignorant selves?

This would make the VOE thread function a little more like school. It's more complicated, though, and that's rarely a good thing.

Whatever, that's my $.02. Thanks for aikiweb, Jun. May I never get work done at my desk again!


Deb Fisher
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