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Re: should you smoke marijuana on your aikido journey

One needs to ask the question
"What do you get out of marijuana that makes you want to use it?" Surely things like it slows reaction time, makes you drowsy, encourages weight gain, causes shortness of breath, can be responsible for mental health problems or unsociable behavior are not things as role models we want to promote to our children.

So what is it that you get out of using pot?

Are you trying to expand your mind or become enlightened in some way? Did all the great spiritual leaders use or promote pot? Bob Marley may have but he was not a spiritual leader although his songs did promote unity and love which can only be a good thing.

My answer is that if you want to expand your mind and become closer to God, then you should read the bible (or any other religion that promotes god and love) and live it, then your mind will expand then again why not just study the true meaning of Ai-Ki-Do

Pot apparently makes you "feel" good but do you actually DO any "good" to anyone else because of it?

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