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Re: jealous wife is cramping my teaching style


I'm pretty sure the OP doesn't really want his student to quit...he was probably just exaggerating to express his level of stress to the thread.

Lynn and Atillio make good points: when a woman (or man) feels neglected they will do stupid things to get attention (this is due to a person being weak and relying on other people/things to make them happy, not offend your wife...many people are like this). One of the best ways to get the attention of your mate is to accuse them of infidelity...but that is not constructive attention.

Jang could also be right, however hopefully not.

To the OP: Aikido is a part of who you are, both before you met your wife and since. If she can't accept that part of you, she doesn't accept you completely...which needs to be addressed.

Likely there are deeper issues (ie jealousy of the time you put into aikido vice her...maybe she doesn't know the root to her problems). I hope the both of you can discover them and work them out.

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