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Re: A most embarassing start to a test

Rolf! Where have you been? Come back to us! FYI, Mark Hoffman Sensei opened a dojo in the Fremont area...they are offsetting their time from the Shinsuikan to accommodate cross-dojo training...Dave, Bob, and some others are training regularly there with him. They are Mon (open training), Wed, and Friday. I don't remember monday time, but aikido is 530-7 and GoJu Ryu is 7-830.

There is an instructors meeting at the Chudokan Wed, Sensei Jacobs and I are heading should you!

Another embarrassing testing story:
So I left an Akikai-based dojo when a mudansha to be uchideshi at a Yoshinkan dojo. While there I became yudansha....remember that Yoshinkan aikidoka don't typically wear hakama unless they are teaching class.

The weekend I returned to my home dojo I participated in some tests as uke. This was the first time I wore hakama even though I'd been yudansha for some months. Well basically my hakama came off because I did a poor job putting it on.

At the end of the test all the yudansha were discussing how the tests went and what we all thought of the candidates. The other yudansha made a grading sheet for me with the comments that I needed to learn how to tie hakama!

Eh, I guess you had to be there...but trust me, it was pretty funny at the time.

Ichi Go, Ichi Ei!
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