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Seeking internal power information (preferably) in VA/DC/MD area

Back in the summer of '08 I attended an Aunkai seminar in the DC area. I was very impressed by Akuzawa's abilities and felt some intriguing parallels between the training methods of the Aunkai and training methods used in the koryu that I study. I am interested in exploring the world of internal power in greater depth and I'd like to get a better idea for what my options for instruction might be.

I am currently living in the central Virginia area, a couple of hours south of DC. I am willing to travel to train (and do so on at least a somewhat regular basis), but work, my normal training schedule, and my budget all impose certain restrictions on how much traveling I am able to do (twice-a-year month-long visits to Chen village, for instance, would be a bit tricky to manage right now).

I'd love to find a skilled instructor or study group with whom I could train on a regular basis, but given the (apparent) rarity of quality internal power instruction in the states I'm not optimistic about finding anyone in my area. Still, I thought I'd check and see if anyone on the forum has suggestions.

Private messages are welcome.

David Sims
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