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Re: A most embarassing start to a test


Glad to hear your alright and congratulations on your shinsa!

The Chudokan mats are really good ones and fit together tightly. Some mats (the big blue Tiffin ones, in particular) have large gaps in them and are very soft and thick. This makes them really annoying to do kata on and presents an even greater risk of catching the toes and twisting them.

While not during a test, Shihan-dai Jacobs (Shinsuikan dojocho, CAFI) caught his toe in one of these crack while doing a kick and broke the crap out of it. This was just before his yondan shinsa awhile back and he was so frustrated he talked about having his big toe removed so he could do suwari waza/hamni handachi better (he had a plate or something in it so it couldn't bend).

Give my best to all at the Chudokan and I hope to see you, and many others, at Blok Sensei's seminar in Ohio on May 7-8. We have space for about 25-30 at the Shinsuikan, but if there are many more we might move it to a local highschool.

Ichi Go, Ichi Ei!
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