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A most embarassing start to a test

Hello all,

I tested last night for my 4th kyu last night at the Chudokan Dojo in Windsor. The long version: I thought it went really well, except I did not have the greatest of starts....My knee has been bugging me lately so I have been wearing one of those cheap strap-on knee braces you can get at the drug store. Sitting in seisa and ansa for the hour and 15 minutes while waiting my turn with an overlytight knee brace caused my right foot to fall asleep. As my name was called I replied "OSU" and ran to the front with my jo, only to make it about 4 steps before I fell over. As I went down, I caught my toes between the mats. The only thought running through my head was "Oh my God, I just broke all my toes, and I can't even feel it... Am I okay? ...Are my toes pointed in the right direction? Sensei told me to take my time, get the feeling back, then start when I'm ready. Today they hurt like hell, but at least they are whole. This is also my first test I had taped, so it will make for entertaining viewing for the years to come. After the test Sensei said he had seen people break toes, and even ankles when trying to move too quick from seisa.

Has anyone else had a blow up during test time?

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