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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" - Specific Internal Training

Dirk Desmet wrote: View Post
I see, well I meant if it's possible to learn doing Internal Training by self-teaching, by reading books about it and doing the exercises at home.

I guess in my neighbourhood no one knows about Internal Training. In my club, I haven't heard talking about things like that, it's just normal aikikai aikido.
I guess, if it's only possible to achieve it by training with others who have understanding about that, I'd have to move country
I will echo what Mark has said about the distance training; he is doing it and so I am I, as well as others we know.

Also, as Mark mentions, it is possible to take your distance learning and teach locally what you have learned. Mark has done it, which was evident when he and a couple of his students attended a seminar at my place with Dan Harden last December - his guys certainly had some level of aiki going on. In addition, I just hit a break though with a couple of my guys who finally broke through into a new dimension with their mental intent while doing what we call a central pivot exercise. IMO, the hardest thing to teach is the mental intent part. With the outward physical aspects, you can see what's going on, but you can't see into their minds (at least not yet ) You need to keep having them think and visualize different things until they finally get something that feels right. Once that happens, you need to have them zone in on that and have them work with it so they can instantly recognize it and apply it at will in a static and mobile environment. Not easy, but once they get to that point, then the real training can begin.

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