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Re: Internal Power (AIKI?)-- Players and Haters

Chris, for me it the experience was worth it in all cases...having spent weekends with Mike, Ark, Toby, and Ushiro. All different in their own ways, however, all are able to replicate over and over what they are doing.

Application and use are an entirely different subject. What they all showed was principle based and fundamental in nature, and rightfully so.

How can you move on to the real thing if you can't even replicate the basics.

It was not hard for me to see points where what they were doing would be very useful or applicable in various martial situations, and I have been trying to integrate what I learned in my practices with varying degrees of success.

If nothing else, I have watched others folks that I study with and I can now tell when they are doing things correctly and when they are not, and I can tell when I am and when I am not.

I tend to be I have not jumped off the deep end and bought the farm on abandoning all I am doing and become a aiki zealot or thrown out my other practices.

Now it may slow me down or even prevent me from gaining any real aiki ability...but even if that is the case...that is okay with me.

One thing is for certain, I now can talk clearly about what it is that they are talking about, how it feels, and how to train it...and I do agree that I really did not understand it until I got with them.

Did that mean that my other teachers were void of aiki? no...not at all...infact alot of them do alot of things that are inclusive of aiki.

However, I do know now when they are not using aiki and are doing something else. It has giving me skill sets and concepts that allow me to better assess my training and translate what I am being taught.

For that reason, it has been most useful training this way.

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