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Re: Internal Power (AIKI?)-- Players and Haters

Brian Griffith wrote: View Post
Would you mind clarifing you mean you have hands-on experience w/one of these men (or an equal in skill perhaps) and still call it BS....I am very curious as to why you think that. I have always wondered if there was someone out there who had felt it and wasn't impressed.
Sorry, that was unclear. I didn't mean that I don't believe these teachers have internal skills. I totally believe the glowing testimonials here and elsewhere about these specific teachers. I would love to try training with them. What I am not buying is the assertion that everyone else is just doing either physical-based technique or mind games pretending to be aiki.

I'm also willing to admit that there are probably teachers that do one or both of these two things (technique-only training or mind games training). Contact with such teachers is probably what has led some people to argue through induction that it's true of most people other than the ones they know for sure are "for real".

As I said before, I'm a moderate. ;-)
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