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Re: Internal Power (AIKI?)-- Players and Haters

I tend to agree with you Conrad. I think it comes down to access and experience. I've never felt any of the people on this forum who profess to have ‘something' that according to them is missing in aikido (btw- I disagree). I have trained with people (in various martial arts) who can do some amazing ‘aiki' stuff but I've never felt so overwhelmed by their ‘ki' that I was unable or unwilling to strike them. I have felt people who claim to have some level of contact with this "alleged modern aiki pantheon", so maybe at some point I'll be able to feel their progress. I also plan on visiting one of these instructors at some point but I honestly doubt that they'll do something that causes me to rethink my current path…but I'm open to the possibility.
I've come to believe that people can manifest ‘ki' in many different ways depending on what you have to work with and how you go about developing it further. So yes, I definitely consider myself a moderate and I've learned not to drink the Kool-aid.

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