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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" - Specific Internal Training

Dirk Desmet wrote: View Post
So actually, on the 500 people here on board, there is 0,4% of them that can achieve that ability caused by their casual training in aikido.
I said there probably are some others, but I have no right to speak for them. Dan and Mike have claimed a certain amount of skill on this forum, so I felt I could mention them.

But how many % can achieve that ability when training specifically on Internal Training?
Plenty. They just need a good teacher, motivation, intelligence and an inquisitive mind.

And how much do you have to train for that?
One hour a day will do fine. You can even take the weekend off.

So Joep, you tried practicing that and didn't achieve anything?
Still practicing. Achieving stuff as well, but haven't achieved enough to make claims on this forum.
But let me give it another try:
Dirk Desmet wrote: View Post
In other words, is there anyone here on the forum who has experienced internal power and can do some tricks with it? And can learn how to achieve that to others here on the forum?
I have experienced it and can do some tricks with it. Haven't tried teaching yet, but I can explain the stuff I can do. However, my skills are very limited: I can show some basic things to someone who's interested, but I won't be very convincing to someone skeptical of these skills. And I suck even worse in a more free-style environment.
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