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Re: Internal Power (AIKI?)-- Players and Haters

Some thoughts:

1) I'm surprised this hasn't been moved to the Non-Aikido forum

2) For most people, if you haven't gotten hands on with people that do "this stuff" (and are actually vetted as doing this stuff by others that have a clue about this stuff), then you should because you most likely aren't speaking from an educated perspective. That's just the way it is, sorry.

3) Usually even after you've gotten hands on people that do "this stuff" then you're often (due to the newness threshold) restricted to parroting what youv'e been told, until you've spent the time actually wiring "this stuff" into your body so that it's the default way in which you move.

4) Not all people that do "this stuff" are doing the same things even if they're working within the confines of the basic principles that "this stuff" must follow. Most don't disagree with this . . however, where the disconnect happens (typically) is when one person that does "this stuff" then talks about the stuff that another person that does . . "this stuff" is doing . . filter it because they may not know or have as complete a picture of "this stuff" as they indicate even if they know more about "this stuff" than you -- see Number 2.

5) If Number 4 seems confusing the simple version is go see each person for yourself and form your own opinion (while understanding that the value of the opinion you form may be limited by how little you know . .see how confusing and viscious a circle this becomes even via the "simple version").

6) A caution about Number 5 - if you do a little bit of "this stuff" from Person A . .then a little of "this stuff" from Person B . . then a little of "this stuff" from Person C . . the likelihood of you getting anywhere is not very high. The self-service approach is defeated by the initial assumption that you have enough of a clue to decide "what's important to practice" before you have any real and/or demonstrable abilities.

7) It takes a lot of lonely time training individually to condition "this stuff" because a) it's such a different way of moving b) it's not intuitive c) it's not something you automatically get from repeating techniques over and over . .

8) There is no shortcut to getting a) a foot in the door with the basics b) spending the time conditioning your body to burn in the basics c) doing the mental work to figure out how to improve and continue making progress while developing/adhering to the basics

9) Having a black belt in X . . being a shihan in Y . . being able to beat up Z . . means nothing in terms of whether or not you can do "this stuff" . . it's not a knock in terms of the dedication you've shown your training or how tough you are . . it just means you didn't learn/weren't taught the basics of internal strength correctly and therefore didn't put the time in to build on the basics (see Number 8)

10) As you practice "this stuff" your body changes and the same things don't work on you the same way as they used to . . this does not mean you don't help a partner practice or learn by proving your invincibility to any technique they throw at you

11) There is a possibility that improving your abilities with IS will create a perceived threat within a traditional organization that does not openly address this skillset . . or your abilities will be ignored, or written off . . or . .(spin the wheel and pick one - bottom line, it's not necessarily going to make you a hero at the place you train) (see Number 10)

12) I have limited practice applying this in more freestyle environments as I've been spending a lot of time just building the requisite conditioning . . after my next child is born I hope to change that this fall by starting with the local BJJ and MMA places to visit and make new friends But the experimentations within live grappling environments showed me that even basic-level "foot in the door" abilities yielded a pretty significant return

13) Nobody is invincible - no matter what they or their publicists tell you (see Number 10)

14) Yes, I've gotten hands on more than one person acknowledged as doing "this stuff"

15) A lot of people believe they are "already doing that". Incorrectly so, in my opinion (which is only worth exactly that), but there you go.

16) If you aren't interested or don't care about Internal Strength, cool, but that doesn't diminish from it's connections to the development and history of many Asian martial traditions.

17) Just because you have skills in IS, it doesn't mean you can fight with it (nor does it mean you necessarily need to be able to . . just helps to understand rather than assume what you're training towards and have an empirical way of benchmarking if you're meeting those goals or not - if it's just training for the sake of training without measurable goals, cool, so long as that's understood up front)

18) Hmm I think I've yammered more than enough . .

19) Brain dump terminating for now . .

20) Are you really still reading this?
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