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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" - Specific Internal Training

Dirk Desmet wrote: View Post
In other words, is there anyone here on the forum who has experienced internal power and can do some tricks with it? And can learn how to achieve that to others here on the forum?
I guess no...
Might be misreading what you're trying to ask.

1. Are you asking if there's anyone at Aikiweb who has gotten hands on experience with some people who have internal power *and* then had some sort of advancement in skills from training with them?

2. On the last question, I'm reading that as, Can anyone teach these skills through Aikiweb forum posts?

IMO and IME:

As for #1, I have seen very good progressive abilities in other people who have started training internal skills/aiki stuff. They seem to be getting better and better throughout the last 3 years or so (since they started). The short answer to your question is that, yes, there is advancement.

As to #2. No. It Has To Be Felt and you have to have someone teaching you with hands on experience. The good news is that you can do this from a distance. It isn't as fast, it certainly isn't easy, and you still have to make a minimum number of trips per year to get hands on teaching ... but it can be done.

As a side note, if you mean can someone travel to get hands on experience, then come back to their area, and teach what they learned to people they know who want to train but couldn't make the trip themselves --- the answer to that is yes.
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