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Marc Abrams
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Re: 068) Focus on Breathing: April 2010

Josh Phillipson wrote: View Post
Hi Marc:
What kinds of processes, physiologically, do you think are happening with, say, the mental imagery of helium that you presented?
-general opening of tense muscles (i.e. dissolving 'sticky' points/lines)
-generally dilating the blood vessels?
-filling/pressing on the 'membrane' - /fascia? A filling out, process?

I'm just wondering whats actually going on(?)

Josh: I really wish that I can subject this process to scientific exploration. Hooking a person up to some sophisticated equipment would be a hoot! My guess is that you hypotheses would be confirmed. I would also expect their to be some additional findings. I am trying to get a better handle of what they would likely be before I talk about them openly. I am actively trying to lessen the severity of my athlete's foot-in-the-mouth disease ! I would love to hear some feedback on that from people who are more "seasoned" than I am in these areas.


Marc Abrams
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