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Re: best aikido you have seen

I have not been around aikido too long but Ive seen some amazing aikido.

I have had the privilege to learn from, Mary Heiney Sensei, Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei, and most recently Charlie Page sensei, all amazing aikidoka. Each brings their own flavor and each has blown me away with not only what they have to teach us but their spirit and joy in the teaching.

I'm not really qualified to say which is best. To me each is wonderful and none is better than the other. But I have to tell you that my most favorite are Garth Jones sensei, Tara Meyers sensei and Matt Fisher Sensei. My own teachers. Who are there for, and inspire, me each and every class.

But then I have much to learn and a very long road ahead before I could begin to consider myself knowledgeable on the subject.
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