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Re: best aikido you have seen

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What is the best aikido you have seen?

The best I have seen is from Gozo Shioda and Joe Thambu. My teacher always says Kenji Tomiki. How about Seagal in Nico?
To select the best Aikidoka is a very subjective thing.A bit like compare a rose and a daffodil.Each has its own beauty.I have seen and practiced with many great Aikidoka.In no particular order I consider these Aikidoka as truly inspirational excluding O Sensei [I never met him] .I have met /know these masters.
Here is my Japanese list: Saito, Tamura, Chiba, Sekiya, Kitaura, Yamada, Kanai, Shibata, Akira Tohei, Shirata, Yokota, Yamaguchi , Yasuno ,Kenshiro Abbe Senseis.
Obviously the Second /Third Doshu are included in this group.
European /others:
Juba Nour, Nobu Iseri, George Girvan, Mick Holloway,
Norberto Chiesa, Pablo Vasquez, Lorraine Diane, Kristina Varjan,Mike Flynn Senseis.
There are many more I could include but for brevity I have just named aikidoka I felt a connection with.
Each of the above have/had wonderful quality aikido skills.
Ps Unfortunately I am not a fan of Seagal Sensei.
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