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Re: The Second Coming

From Joe - Where are the exponents of the calibre of Tada Sensei and Tamura Sensei?Even at their advanced age very few modern aikdoka can hold a candle to these masters.
From Dan - Thus its a fair bet there are probably at least 10 O'Sensei's getting around today.
From beyond the circles of aiki I'd be tempted to start with a Systema boy or two, add a Gracie or two, a couple of MMA guys, slip in a footballer basketballer and maybe Tiger for good measure too
I couldn't agree more with Dan. I think there are several teachers around who I'd put above the abilities of those Mr. Curran refers to, absolutely no disrespect intended to those he mentions. There aren't that many of the 'Super Shihan' left sadly but some of them at least have produced some excellent students in their own rights who have, IMHO, surpassed their own teachers. I thought that was the point of a good teacher, eventually your students should surpass your skill level.

Apologies if this is too off topic!

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