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Paul Schweer
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Re: New Article: "It Does Get Harder As You Go Along"

This is a difficult path, but I know it is very little compared to what others have to deal with.
-- Frank Gordon

In 2004, in a dark and somewhat shitty little hotel lounge, Frank Gordon was the guy sitting quietly. Sipping his beer, he listened. And when a question -- a challenge, really -- went to him, and all eyes fell on him, and all of us sitting there with him watched and waited, he waited too. He didn't seem to mind, seemed not to like it much, the moment stretching out as he thought about it. What he eventually said, his answer -- he explained himself in what he said, how he said it -- was as much for himself as anyone, seemed like. Quiet, direct. From his heart, if you like. Or if you didn't.

Maybe he didn't like being asked. Maybe he didn't like the attention. And maybe he just did his best with that, like he seemed to do with everything else.

I heard this morning that Frank's cancer came back, and that this time he didn't make it.

And I remembered the look in his eyes.

Paul Schweer
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