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Re: Martial, spiritual, and jujutsu (split off from Funakogi Thread)

I have read several of the "internal" threads posted here. In my opinion they always read a bit differently. I'm not sure where everyone is going with their ideas, hopefully we'll get this hashed out. I figure the least I can do is show my examples, and if others show theirs, maybe we'll get somewhere.

As far as giving another name to what I would call "aiki", I often say that aiki is timing and rhythm. I would be fine with calling it that, and I feel strongly that timing and rhythm is a very large part of the Aikido strategy. It could very well be that Ueshiba lumped many things together as what he would call Aiki. Like I said I'm not stuck on my ideas being right or wrong, just that we have clear ideas that we can all talk about.

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