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Re: the video idea

In the old days, before the net, these discussions would be had in-person, and there would be no arguing over how things feel, and there would be a much easier time trying to define things as a group. The net has opened up discussion and information access in an unprecedented way-- but it is getting messy with contention and pointless arguments and confusion. We should have been doing video years ago, and now we can. It's the closest we can come on the net to feeling each other's skill.
If I feel I have something I can contribute, I'll get some training partners and shoot some too.

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
To me these 3 things are different animals, but I think many people are lumping these 3 things into the category of aiki. I'll have the video's by Saturday next week.
I agree that lots of times things get unnecessarily lumped when they are discussion-worthy as separate parts. It would be great to get things parsed out.
BTW Chris, I agree with your def of ju, but I think the distance-type stuff you are calling aiki should get a specific name other than aiki. Whenever O-sensei talked about "the secret of aiki," it was in relation to receiving force, yes? (rather than the distance stuff. Or, if I am wrong, it would be cool to see if he lumped these skills too)
It gets confusing because I think that people who get good at the force-receiving kind of aiki also tend to get good at the distance stuff.. they do both come from mastery/understanding of intent, I think.
Anyway thanks guys for keeping discussion moving.
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