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Re: The Second Coming

Although the Aikido ocean may well be bigger than in the time of the generation of Aikidoka [such as Saito, Shirata, Chiba, Kanai ,Yamada, Tamura Shihan/s to name but a few], who were Uchi Deshi of O Sensei, the statement that they were 'big fish in a small pond' is in my opinion is nonsense. The pond may well have been small but the fish were exceptionally well trained fish. The statement that the medium sized fish [the new generation]in the big ocean are 'conceivably' more skilled than the aforementioned again i.m.o are not in the same class as the aforementioned.I do note that you use the word conceiveably-hedging your bets no doubt???

Where are the exponents of the calibre of Tada Sensei and Tamura Sensei?Even at their advanced age very few modern aikdoka can hold a candle to these masters.
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