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Re: How to Handle Know It All Student?


in our dojo we have several such students, and MOSTLY the know-it-all attitude wears off. I know a guy who thought during 3 years he knew everything better, because no beginner's technique worked on him, but now he starts to realise that this is only because he blocks every technique, being afraid of taking ukemi => it gets much easier to work with him.

In the beginning, when I also thought I knew it all, I found this attitude VERY frustrating in others, now I don't think so anymore.

a) maybe he has a point and really noticed this or that. You may be unable to perform a technique well but still analyse correctly the errors of others (like music critics).
b) maybe he is very rigid, very strong or whatever and the technique does not work because I don't yet master it well enough to have it working on everyone
c) maybe I did the technique well but hurt him
d) maybe he just likes to talk (me, too!)
e) maybe he wants to explain his frustration why some techniques don't work by my unability (so be it)
f) maybe he is just an asshole => take it as a new challenge to do verbal aikido
g) whatever other reason...

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