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guillermo santos
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Re: Underqualified Sensei

i consider my self as an underqualified sensei, got my 2 kyuu in aikido after four years, shodan in daito-ryu after four years and now we have our group that teach aikido and daito-ryu technique for almost 5 years without a mother school. Why, we don't have aikido club in our city budokan, only daito-ryu where i got my shodan.
I love Aikido and this is the reason why i continue to teach this and the main purpose of the training is not grading but for Peace.
After 10 years without a contact,I called my former shihan in Aikido and he said you have the initiative to teach and spread the word of Aiki and this will be a good exposure to people who do not know the Art. I always say to our members if you would like to properly recognise you enrolled to recognised dojo but some are insisting to join association for rank promotion.I guess we have to think about this in the future.
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