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Re: Martial, spiritual, and jujutsu (split off from Funakogi Thread)

If you read the book "Abundant peace: the biography of Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido By John Stevens", then somewhere around page 40-50 is mentioned that Ueshiba got illuminated someday. (or how do you say that in proper English, he got one with the universe? I'm reading the book in Dutch)
He got visions about things after training long lonely periods in the mountains and standing under holy waterfalls, and suddenly he got the secret power.
Anyway, a list of supernatural things were mentioned in the book that Ueshiba experienced once to achieve his power (like his body looked like it was glowing etc...)

What is real about it? It's like the Bible explaining with surrealistic examples what super powers Jesus had aswel.

Perhaps it could be that Ueshiba was gifted someday to do things no others could by training.

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