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Re: What is AIKI ? - fantastic video

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2. I feel a bit presumptuous in adding a link of Okamoto Sensei DR in here... its like trying to hide behind a big brand name and say that you're doing the same thing as them. But around the 1.17 mark you can see something similar.
I've seen that clip before, and i watched it closely - most importantly the part where there is a line of people holding onto each other, he moves the first one, and they all end up going over...

I believe that it's legitimate (in this case): not only because he actually touches the people, and because the bit you reference (where he is lifted up by a load of people) is the same kind of thing i've seen the likes of Gozo Shioda and Koichi Tohei doing - but because of the way they react: compare the reaction of his ukes to the reaction of the people to the same thing in this clip (about 2 minutes in):

(Incidentally: when it came to a real fight, he didn't resort to 'ki balls' or whatever -

I humbly suggest that his students paying for fake crap to get on YouTube.

EDIT: Here's a clip of the same Daito-Ryu guy doing the thing with an 'outsider':

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