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Zach Trent
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Re: What is AIKI ? - fantastic video

Not going to add anything earth shattering, but I've stopped being too judgemental of Aikido videos because seeing Aikido on youtube kept me out of the dojo for about four years.

I would watch Aikido on youtube and dismiss it as phoney. Then I ran out of cash for Karate and tried Aikido because it was cheaper.

That was three years ago and now I'm a healthy addict of Aikido. Anyway, I learned to stop poking fun of people in videos- for the most part people are not idiots and if they are practicing that way it is for a reason- they are either learning a martial art or perhaps they learning something about themselves.

You gotta know, if those guys are paying for Aikido lessons they aren't gonna put up with fake crap just to get on youtube, right?

Either way- it isn't wise to call them fools.
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