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Re: What is AIKI ? - fantastic video

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
I'm not referring to his video on youtube. Few years ago I saw the tv program diffused on east coast. We could see him throwing his uke from a distance about 10 feet, uke not only fall dawn, but stay on the ground squirming his body in the sort of convulsions and couldn't get up.Then they went to Japan, to Hikitsushi sensei dojo, where sensei attempted to throw cameraman from a distance -- with no success.
Perhaps the program you're referring to is one of the DVDs in this set?

Many years ago, I saw a dan-level student of Hikitsuchi engaged in tachi-dori practice become very upset with his training partner, as he felt her attacks were insufficiently sincere. He insisted that if she gave him a sincere attack, he could perform tachidori with his eyes closed. He was quite insistent. She was somewhat reluctant. He closed his eyes. She attacked, quite well, with good speed and great sincerity. Bonk!

Oh well. Sometimes things work as if by magic. That's wonderful. Expecting magic to work? Not so wonderful.

On the other hand, everyone I've encountered who had body mechanics like those in the video had a whole bunch of something else in his back pocket. Even the ones with overly dramatic uke.

Maybe your personal experience has been different.



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