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Re: What is AIKI ? - fantastic video

Fred Little wrote: View Post
Having taken a look at a few clips of Gerard Blaize on YouTube, I would have to say that there is very little relationship between what he is doing and what the gentleman in the first clip is doing, and it is a mystery to me what relevance M. Blaize has to this discussion, except to the extent that you dislike what he is doing even more and simply can't resist the opportunity to triple-down on the number of teachers outside the circle of whatever eminences you consider worthy of your more positive attention and tuition.


I'm not referring to his video on youtube. Few years ago I saw the tv program diffused on east coast. We could see him throwing his uke from a distance about 10 feet, uke not only fall dawn, but stay on the ground squirming his body in the sort of convulsions and couldn't get up.Then they went to Japan, to Hikitsushi sensei dojo, where sensei attempted to throw cameraman from a distance -- with no success.


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