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Marc Abrams
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Re: What is AIKI ? - fantastic video

Szczepan Janczuk wrote: View Post
Until today I read your posts with great interest. I can't belive you are seriously writing this opinion. It is simply not credible. There is nothing there to make them scream like a crazy.I think they lost their minds.

Me I think he brainwashed them and created a kind of sect. There is another 'master' in France - G.Blaize who is doing even more horrible things. But he is a direct student of Hikitsushi sensei.

We are always entitled to our own opinions of everything. That gentleman made a sincere offer for you to experience first hand so that your opinions are based upon a real-life encounter. I always welcome opportunities to experience as much as I can directly. This has enabled me to call B.S. what it really is. I have also experienced stuff that is "beyond my pay grade" to understand, while recognizing that something highly unique and unusual has happened. I have my preliminary opinion of what I saw, and would love to experience it in person. I have experienced things recently with Kenji Ushiro Sensei that I initially discounted, attempted to experience otherwise, and ended up acknowledging that something happened beyond what I thought I believed could happen.

As we get older, we can either shut our minds down, or open them up, based upon the totality of our life experiences. I frankly prefer to come up with a preliminary hypothesis and test it out if I can.


Marc Abrams
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